About Atou Diarra,

Atou, our Nurse Practitioner is a board certified Nurse Practitioner by the American Academy Nurse Credentialing Center. Atou earned her Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Barry University in Miami, Florida. In 2000, Atou graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh with a Bachelor in Nursing Science.

Atou began her career as a registered nurse working in the Emergency Room and has over ten years of experience in emergency care. In 2013, she worked as a Nurse Practitioner in a pulmonary and critical care department in the Memorial System.

In 2014, the idea of working in private practice began to appeal to Atou and she found an opportunity to work with Endocrine Partners, for Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum. Atou began practicing with Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum and enjoys private practice.

Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum is an endocrinologist, and as such the practice sees a variety of endocrine disorders including Diabetes, Thyroid diseases, and a multitude of hormonal issues. Atou assists Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum in managing the diabetic patients and treating patients with Endocrine disorders including Thyroid disease, Thyroid cancer and many hormonal issues, such as menopause, hypogonadism and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Atou enjoys playing an integral part of Dr. Lewy-Alterbaum's Medical staff and is leading the effort of the practice in assisting patients with their weight management as well as counseling patients with their nutritional needs and lifestyle changes. Atou is also fluent in French.